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Impact Sales With a New Logo

The fundamental difference between those who thrive, and those who survive in the small business world is in design. Many professional ad designers can look at a logo or ad design and explain why it did not speak to the consumer. Is a thrifty attitude profitable when shopping for ad design and logo creation. The differences are subtle. Change the color of a logo design slightly and the branding impact is increased tenfold. The same for ad design.

Small business owners trust printing companies and templates to create an ad or logo. This is a bad mistake. Ad agencies are taught to use color, shape and design to impact the target demographic.

Logo Design

Several elements of professinal logo design have a psychological influence on sales. The business owner needs to realize that they are not their own client. Do not pick your own logo design, unless you want customers who share your personality and communication type. This is unrealistic as most small business owners are to wary of sales to be impulse or emotional shoppers.

New York ad agency consistently create simple logo designs that become national trademarks. They have no magic. Their success is directly related to the fact that their creative designers understand what will sell. They recognize the consumer motivations. It is their job to distinguish how to generate sales and still satisfy small business owners.

Small Business Ad Design

A good logo has something intangible that impacts the consumer's emotions. The image design is burned into their sub conscious. Think Nike or IBM. Those images come instantly to mind when the company name is mentioned.

Good ad design can turn a logo into a dynamic sales tool. The customer does not understand why they are drawn to a particular company. They may not have seen the ad in months. They see the logo in another ad, or the telephone book, and their sub conscious kicks in. The sale is now an 'impulse buy' and the consumer never knew what hit them.

Psychology of Sales

No one expects small business owners to understand the psychology of sales or the power of design in logos. Most business owners do not realize the power of a logo or ad design to generate sales. They have a 'if I make it then they will come' attitude. The Sales Process does not work this way.

Did you know that consumers buy " with their emotions and then justify their decision with logic later "?

You did not know that: do not worry. No one expects small business owners to know how to sell. Your job is not sales. Few small business owns have more than a primary knowledge of sales. Psychology is applied to all aspects of sales and marketing efforts.

Look at a few professionally designed logos and ad designs or brochures. Do not look at the actual images, design or words. 'Feel' the emotions. This intangible is why you need to hire an ad agency instead of a printing company to drive your sales campaign.

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