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Web Design: Your Small Business Portfolio

Can a business survive without a professional web design and strong search engine marketing campaign? A website is crucial for small business. However, putting a cheap or poorly created web design is similar to creating photocopies of a black and white flier, which are pinned to the grocery store wall.

A website should be a brochure, but it needs to serve other purposes too. It must work the same way a business portfolio will. It will become a living, real time, portfolio. With buzzwords floating around the Internet such as 'transparency' and 'full disclosure,' consumers are expecting more when shopping online.

Small Business Web Design

Many small business websites stop after they create a brochure. They lose a major advantage, the opportunity to show potential clients that they have built up a credible reputation, and have a serious interest in building a relationship with their consumers.

The element that most web designers do not understand is that a flashy website, that is not optimized, will not reach the top of the searches. Eventually, the website will be dropped completely. This is why free websites will not generate any web traffic, no matter how much time is spent marketing the website.

Small Business Portfolio

A portfolio can show samples of work, include testimonials, reviews, and even extras like telling consumers where to get customer service, or how to solve problems. The web design is vital to this process. A good website is easy to navigate, and is friendly.

It should work with the logo design, mission statement, and marketing campaign to give the consumer the same message. The stronger a marketing message is given to consumers, the more likely they are to buy the product or service.

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