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Trends in Logo Design

Anyone who researches logos will see a lot of different logos, and start noticing some trends. The trends follow aesthetic appeal, some are conceptual, others cultural. Recently the trend has been for 3-D logos and water or wet looking logos. Logo design can be quite a mystery to anyone outside of the industry. Small business owners can wonder what the difference is between a DIY corporate identity and professional identity. Why should they hire a professional designer or graphic artist to create logos for their corporate identity, or products, when there are hundreds of free for use logos available? Professional Image and Identity Design.

The answer is simple. A logo does not exist in a vacuum or moment in time. The customer will analyze the logo with their own concept of what is professional, their wants and needs, and their perceived ideals of what professional logos look like. A simple variance in the graphic's line, or a slightly off color, will ruin the message the logo or identity package is trying to make. A logo is often the first impression a customer has. It can build credibility, increase sales, and attract your target demographic, but only when it meets the consumer's preconceived ideas of what a logo should be - not the business owners.

Successful Professional Corporate Identity Packages

Several variables define success for small business owners; logo design is only one of them. When looking for someone to design your logo, make sure they understand how to create a corporate identity that will impress your customers. Professional logos will impact your business's corporate identity.

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